Today’s horoscope for Taurus


A climate of incomprehension is likely to settle in your couple. If you choose to let the situation rot, hoping that things will resolve themselves, beware of the catastrophe! Bachelor, you will have chances to make a decisive encounter. However, difficulties may arise very quickly, and you will have to defend this new love with the last energy. If you succeed in overcoming this challenge, a bright future is promised.


Mars, the planet of energy and combativity, will make it more difficult to interact with your employees or your superiors, and you will even endure the aggressiveness of many partners. This situation is not very serious; It will be rather useful because it will force you to distinguish yourself from others and thus to affirm your convictions whatever it costs to your image.


What you need to do right now for your health? You are wary of excesses of any kind. With on one side the Sun and Jupiter, and on the other Mars badly aspected, your health sectors will have a lot to do to encourage you to moderation. All these planets are indeed reputed to make very sensual, but also greedy, which can fatigue the heart and weaken the digestive system. It’s up to you to stay reasonable!


Thanks to the beautiful aspects of Neptune, you will have the opportunity to carry out a significant financial transaction concerning family assets. Everything will be to the satisfaction of all and to your advantage.

Family – Home

An excessive desire for family harmony may prompt you to give in easily and to grant everything you are asked for. This is definitely not advisable, especially with children.

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