Monthly horoscope for Gemini – January


First fortnight: This period will see the atmosphere of your loves relax in a joyous recklessness. Small trips will encourage happy encounters. You will find with joy of old buddies, you will fall under the charm of your neighbor of landing, or you will loveachach of a new person at your place of work. For long-term couples, the sentimental climate will be idyllic. Wild elk will be preferred to the multiple details of everyday life and household accounts.

Second fortnight: Planetary turbulence will threaten your married life. But this one will be well sheltered if you knew how to put the distance between the outside world and your couple. As for the bachelors, they will be hesitant, fearing to go in the wrong direction. They will gain by postponing future plans and letting time clarify things, especially if their partner does not have the same conception of life as two.


First fortnight: You will have your head filled with projects of all kinds, more exciting than the others. But you will not stay at the stage of projects: you will struggle to achieve them. For the rest of the period, you will be part of the chosen ones of Heaven. You will be adorned and should carry out your most ambitious projects. You will have energy and determination, strength of character and perseverance.

Second fortnight: The Sun and Venus will allow you to combine softness and firmness to convey your ideas, and Mercure will facilitate you contacts. This astral protection will be precious to you, in front of the annoyances that Pluton reserves you. The innovative projects that you propose will not be to the taste of all, and one could put you spots in the wheels. Ignore the scandal and go ahead.


First fortnight: Thanks to the very positive astral influences of the period, luck should smile at you financially. The management and the sense of the economy will reveal your profound qualities. This may be the time when you decide to build the country house of your dreams.

Second fortnight: You should take advantage of this period to take care of your financial equilibrium. The Sun will indeed showcase one of your silver sectors. Better yet, Jupiter, the most beneficial star of the Zodiac, will favor your enrichment. So do not wait to ask for a pay raise! If you have made investments, the period could cause unexpected gains.


You will deceive yourself dangerously if you believe that nothing can be done against his destiny. Never will you flourish if you persist in believing that forces external to yourself, astral or otherwise, control you inevitably. If you want to win your happiness, you must avoid rejecting the responsibility for what happens to you, and you must persuade yourself that “men have the evils they have chosen themselves” (Pythagoras) . Limit excess drinks, especially alcoholic or sweetened beverages. Know that pure water is the best drink and the only essential. Follow the example of Confucius: “A bowl of rice with fresh water and elbow for pillow, here is a state that has its satisfaction”.

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