April 2021 Monthly Horoscope

April 2021 opens with a trine of the Moon from the Mercury Fish of Scorpio and its first conjunction with retrograde Neptune. Against this background, a Monday is announced in which the Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) experience mixed feelings, which inspire them to take action, but also to let themselves be carried away by the wave, depending on the circumstances.

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All kinds of feelings try you today, but you control them quite well and you don’t let them overwhelm you. However, they can be tiring for you if you do not try to understand their purpose and source, especially in a time like this that puts us to the test emotionally and sentimentally. If you feel overwhelmed at times, it may help if you talk to someone you trust about your thoughts during this time. In this way, you will make order in your mind and soul and maintain your stability.


The stars enhance your communication and collaboration skills today. You work best in groups, when you invest your time and energy in achieving common goals with those around you. So take the opportunity today to deal with initiatives that bring you closer to others, such as co-workers, funders and collaborators. If you are not yet in the phase of implementing or expanding a project, take advantage of the cosmic context to organize debates, brainstormings or simple discussions on this topic. They will certainly give birth to ideas that deserve all the attention in the near future.


The first day of this month may surprise you with some opportunities to supplement your income and / or capitalize on the goods or savings you have made recently. It could be an additional project at work or some additional work tasks offered by management or a superior with whom you get along better. However, it is announced that he will get some extra money for his salary. The luckiest natives of the sign could be chosen even with a salary increase or a bonus based on older efforts.


You are in a very good mood earlier tin April 2021. You may not have gotten rid of physical fatigue at all, but you are safe from mental fatigue. You have a keen mind and you quickly catch on to the situations you experience today. In this way, you do not miss any opportunity to turn the present circumstances in your favor. For example, it will not be at all difficult for you to unravel the tangled bureaucratic problems or figure out what to do in the event of a trip that you do not know exactly if it will take place in the end.


In the family, there is a day with many ups and downs. In appearance, the atmosphere is calm, but there are all kinds of signals inside or outside that things could change at any time. So be prepared for the eventuality that the situation could take a downward curve. In principle, you and your loved ones get along quite well, but there are also circumstances or topics where it is difficult for you to reach a common point of view or a strategy that satisfies everyone. Compromises help in these more tense moments.


Today you communicate very well with those around you, both with colleagues and with your partner. There is transparency and readiness for dialogue on both levels, and this will lead today to conversations from which you can draw clear and productive conclusions. As you may well know, this is a good day to attend meetings, hearings, job interviews or negotiations. You make yourself easy to understand (so) and impose your views without too much weight and without giving the impression of an aggressive person in the way he debates ideas that are more difficult to debate.


Financially, there could be significant chances of winning today. It may come through extra-professional activities in another field of activity or in the same field in which you work, but outside the service anyway. Don’t think that these are amounts that take you all by surprise, but it could be a supplement that suits you anyway and makes you less worried about some payments or purchases. you have to do this April. Take advantage of the opportunity anyway, even if your free time decreases.


You start the April 2021 with a good mood and this can be seen in the way you interact with your loved one and / or children. You are playful and spontaneous, but also affectionate, and this helps you maintain a good connection with them on a sentimental level. It would also be advisable today to make time for hobbies, especially if they bring you closer to your loved ones. In this way, you will also enjoy the company of your loved ones, but also the satisfaction that some activities that really inspire you give you. Try to cultivate your mood in the days to come.


In the family, there is a state of calm that is not very familiar to you today. You appreciate the moments of peace in relation to your loved ones, but they foretell some tense situations that may arise soon. Try not to shake the waters too much, not to be the one to start a fire out of nothing. Intuition is right when it tells you that there are reasons for dissatisfaction that could blow up the atmosphere, but be sure to slalom among them. The disposition of the relatives may not allow for some sensitive discussions, which could heat up the spirits sometime during them.


You have high hopes for this April and plans for today inclusive. In addition, you have people with you who support you, who have something to offer you, both in terms of advice that could help you in the more or less distant future, and perhaps material, such as a loan. But don’t let yourself be stolen by the enthusiasm and the good premises of a project or a collaboration. Not all of the ideas circulating today may be feasible, and some intentions may remain on the threshold of plans.


At work, you enjoy a high level of efficiency today. It’s like it’s not Monday for you; you organize yourself well and have an enviable momentum, and this helps you to complete the activities on this day’s agenda quite quickly. You might even start doing them tomorrow and make progress that will surprise even you. In any case, you set a good pace from the beginning of April. However, don’t forget that you have to take another break sometimes, not to get overwhelmed.


You are in a rather changeable step today, but if you take care to surround yourself with positive people and frequent optimistic environments, you will manage not to oscillate in the opposite direction with the mood. So it’s up to you today to control your feelings and how much you expose to circumstances that could cause them to fluctuate too much. Try not to take in your own name gestures or words that were not intentionally targeted against you. Otherwise, you may exaggerate the size of some situations and go too far. You need peace and balance now.

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