2021 – The Year of the Metal Ox

In the Chinese horoscope, 2021 represents the year of the Water Dragon, which begins on February 12 , 2021 and ends on February 9, 2013.

What does this year bring and how does the Metal Ox influence each element of the Chinese zodiac and what are de lucky colors for each zodiac sign?

A magnificent return is announced after the relaxed and relaxing year of the Rabbit. We will scrutinize the horizon very carefully and we will seriously prepare for all kinds of grandiose, cheerful, monumental, extremely ambitious and daring projects.

The untamed spirit of the Ox will enliven everything, much more than the dimensions of life. In a way, we will be in a state of permanent euphoria and full of energy.

It is very wise not to overestimate ourselves or the potential we have this burning year. Things are happening and we think they are better this year than they really are.

Business is on a good path, and money can be easily obtained. It is the time when we can ask our creditors for a postponement. Massive spending and costly plans are the order of the day. The mighty Ox makes fun of the man who is too cautious and wary. He plays on one card, all or nothing.

It will stimulate us to think and act at a high level, sometimes exceeding the limits of the provision.

Asians consider it a good year for travel, for the birth of children or the start of a new business, because the benevolent Ox brings a lot of luck and happiness. However, we need to temper our enthusiasm a bit and look twice before jumping; this is because the lucky Ox fills himself with his blessing on all, without discrimination, he disappears when we have to pay for our mistakes. Successes, like failures, will be magnificent.

The most feared, however, are the years of the Fire Ox (1976, 2036…), because they bring with them many misfortunes, including disasters on a global scale.

In the year of the Ox, wealth and luck as well as disasters will come in massive waves. This year is marked by many violent and surprising natural phenomena.

Mania will encompass the whole world and everyone will seek and find an imaginary or real thing as a support for his revolt against all kinds of constraints. The “electrifying” atmosphere created by the mighty Ox will affect us all, without exception.

Here is what 2021 will be like in terms of Chinese astrology!


An excellent year with very good business and chances in love. It will be a quiet year with financial gains or promotions. But while his achievements will be recognized, he must pay attention to new friends or associates who tend to use him.


A modest year in which he will be very busy with many unexpected changes and complications. His plans will come true, but not as quickly as he would like. He will have to work hard, although he will know people with a lot of influence who will help him.


Not who knows what this year. It will be difficult to get money or it may be influenced by others to make unprofitable investments. He will also be unhappy because of breaking up with a loved one or breaking a friendship. He adapts with difficulty to changes, even if they are in his own interest.


One can expect a happy but moderate year; however, he will be too busy with household chores and his career. Things will mix up resulting in mediocre financial statements, but he will be satisfied and satisfied, because, overall, his earnings will outweigh the losses. He will make new friends, full of power and influence that will be useful in the future.


A very good year in which it will attract many benefits and can be promoted or can make fantastic progress in its activity. His successes come easily from any of his enterprises, because this tumultuous year will keep him very busy and constantly on the alert.


A difficult year for the Snake. Don’t expect special earnings or career advancement. They must be afraid of mischievous gossip and jealous partners. The worst and the biggest troubles will happen to him in the summer, and with the cooling of the weather, some good news will come to him. A year in which he has to eliminate extravagances and take care of his money.


A mixed year. Many ongoing and unruly business will test the Horse’s patience, and the worries that will press on his shoulders will endanger his health. But one should not expect the worst; the storms will all pass and there will not be as much damage as expected. A good year to look at the beautiful part of life and to make new friends; he must reconcile with his enemies.


A hectic but sober year. Winnings will be at the limit and, although there will be many disputes, he will be lucky not to encounter any scandal or calamity. He’s having a hard time making money now, but he won’t get out of this storm admirably if he doesn’t risk or make radical changes in his life.


This year’s earnings will look like scientific or technical accumulations. The benefits you will receive are neither material nor immediate in their realization. She will have her head full of worries and unresolved disputes and will have to face major expenses or save herself in some way by giving up her plans. A year in which she will have to be vigilant and learn a lot. He must not risk for any reason or speculate.


A very good and prosperous year. Success will shine on him now, so that he will be able to hold leadership positions or have the power to transform his own destiny; quiet at home, without health problems, will suffer some frustrations that will tire and annoy him. Births or marriages are planned in his family.


A difficult year. He will have to work hard to maintain his form and will always have to fight outside the competition. People will benefit from his weak position and will be prone to infectious or contagious diseases. A year in which he must stay calm and join forces with others not to act alone. Towards winter he will receive good news.


A quiet year in which he will benefit from the support of very strong people; he will stand out in front of his superiors. He will gain recognition and respect from co-workers, and family life will be calm. One can expect some health problems or the loss of personal belongings.

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