The prophecies of Nostradamus for 2018

30 November 1979 DPA divulged the news entitled “Nostradamus prophesied the Tehran Crisis.” The news informs the tremendous emotion that a documentary of the famous presenter Paul Drane resulted in the Australian public. The presentation of the documentary which deals with the life of the Prophet century XVI, Michèle de Nostradamus, and that includes the Arab invasion prophecy in Europe, coincided with the US embassy taken, by some Iranian students, concerned that simultaneously caused the purchase of all the books of Nostradamus in Australia in one day, as it seemed to promise the realization of a prophecy of 425 years earlier.

Already in 1939, shortly after Germany occupied l ‘Europe, Goebbels, Hitler‘s minister of propaganda, made to reproduce falsified material, inherent Nostradamus, for distribution in Europe. The British secret service costs a lot of money in counter-propaganda.

In the prologue of the first edition of the Centuries, the author assures that in his prophecies content is the future of humanity and its end.

In his enigmatic verses appear important events and personalities including the two world wars, the destruction of New York, Paris, Rome, London and a third world war … Atomic.

The prophecies of Nostradamus

Adaptation for television

Michael de Nostradamus, famous doctor French born in 1503, is considered the greatest psychic history. In 1555 were published the first of his major prophecies, known as The Centuries. In his own time his prophecies began to be fulfilled with accuracy, to the point that, for this reason, was famous doctor and adviser of the king.

The first public demonstration of his prophetic gift happened in a remote village in the countryside of Ancona, Italy, when he knelt, with great humility, before a poor Franciscan monaco called Felice Peretti. Criticized by other monks for his strange behavior, said: “I do not, therefore, kneel in front of His Holiness ?.” 19 years after the death of Nostradamus, the world experienced the poor monaco under the name “Pope Sextus V.”

Many authors coincide that prophecy Nostradamus raised to fame in his own time, was the following:

The young lion old win.
Field war, for pain singular.
In cage of ‘golden eyes the jump
forces in combat remain,
the other die of cruel death.

Four years after publishing this prophecy, Henry II, the lion, king of France, died in terrible pain because of a splinter that broke the spear lion young Count of Montgomery, crossed helmet d ‘gold welcome, punctured his eye in a friendly tournament. Tell the king cursed the prophet in his deathbed, now understanding the scope of his prophecy.

He blamed the language very obscure and enigmatic Nostradamus uses; However, in the Epistle to Henry II, the seer ensures that the deliberately made “The times demand that these events were not hidden if not prophesied in form very enigmatic … If he wanted to, could well set the date for each quatrain . ”

In spite of this darkness of his quatrains, according to his studies, 95 percent of his prophecies have been fully proven.

2018 began a few days and, punctual as a Swiss watch, here is the inevitable quatrains of Michel de Nostredame (Nostradamus) that frighten Web users with prophecies that are being in most disturbing cases. In this new year, according to the interpreters of the writings of the astrologer, writer, pharmacist and French apothecary, considered together with St. Malachy one of the most important writers of the history of prophecy, there will be a catastrophic eruption of Vesuvius, which will inevitably result in death and destruction . Fortunately, it should be noted, the texts of the Prophet are so vague that the words recorded in the writings can be interpreted in a thousand different ways. Scholars astrologer seer have therefore indulged in an attempt to make sense of those quatrains. The result? A tragic year, with events that no one wants to experience in their lifetime.

Some of the prophecies for 2018

The first, as anticipated, regards Italy. Our country will suffer the wrath of Vesuvius, the only active volcano in continental Europe, and one of the most dangerous because of the population in the surrounding areas, will erupt spreading death and destruction. The date of the dramatic event has not been shown, therefore, also saw the next quatrains (even more catastrophic) does not seem to be concerned.

The San Andreas Fault will collapse, causing the complete destruction of California and, in part, that of the United States. The event, unfortunately, is considered likely also by scientists of the California Seismic Center who fear, in short, an earthquake of magnitude 8, much higher than that in the second half of the nineteenth century destroyed the area.

Also in 2017 the United States will suffer another serious blow, this time financial. The newly elected president Donald John Trump will see his country lose the role of world leader in favor of China. Repercussions will be recorded in other countries, unable to adapt to the new market rules and the challenges of globalization.

Nostradamus would treat even technological issues. Google perfected to the point where his translator enough to allow the human species to understand and interact with other creatures, including dogs and cats.

Always in 2017 World War III will break out, and soon after, the aliens invade Earth.

The Prophecy is being positive only provided the French astrologer. A scientific discovery will allow humanity to defeat many diseases considered incurable so far. Cancer and AIDS will become the banal diseases. Also, thanks to the same discovery scientists will also help increase the life expectancy of every human being, even bringing over 200 years. The best Nostradamus predictions list you will fin on this interesting website about Nostradamus life

Perhaps it is trite to say, but we hope that the seer has somehow mistaken its forecasts, except for the medical breakthrough that can eradicate evils just as cancer and HIV. For the rest of humanity should do nothing but focus on everyday life, trying to improve himself, finding ways to communicate with others and improving their own way of life of a world, the only one we have, more and more wounded.

Free horoscope 2018 – a preview for the year to come

1st decan (March 21st / March 30th)
From the 1st to the 6th of January, it is about good times to share with your friends, you adopt the old adage “the friends of my friends are my friends see even more so affinities”. From 8 to 17 February, Venus, the planet of love, settles in your sign with charms and luggage, your life is very sweet. Couples already formed love each other more and more. While the singles go through a phase of seduction very pleasant. From April 3 to 16, meetings multiply like hotcakes, your power of seduction is optimum, enjoy it fully. From June 17 to July 10, it is about desire, pleasure, your libido climbs to the heights of sensuality. From 6 to 16 September, you need to break your routine a bit to put a bit of madness in your love life. From October 28 to November 5, you do not fall asleep on the laurels of love, if you are a couple, you multiply initiatives to surprise your partner. From the 16th to the 24th of December, and if you are going on a trip with your partner, you will be a duo.

2nd decan (March 31st / April 9th)
From 7 to 13 January, there are projects in love with the air, you optimize the celestial conjuncture by multiplying your chances of meeting. From 18 to 25 February, a radiant sun shines above the sky of your loves. Enjoy singles, this is the time to never present yourself in your best light. From 17 to 30 April, meetings meet at the gate of your heart. From May 31 to June 16, the goddess of the heart improvises seductively into your sign, heading the road of happiness for potential lovers. From 11 to 27 July, couples win the favor of the cosmos, you love each other more and more. From 17 to 24 September, your loves are in line of sight planetary, let you do according to your encounters. From November 6th to 14th, your couple relationship benefits from the good heavenly auspices, enjoy it fully. From the 25th to the 31st of December, end of the year with your partner. Loop your suitcases for a sentimental elsewhere.

3rd decan (10th to 20th April)
From the 26th of February to the 4th of March, Venus, the planet of love, stands on your side, it is a question of taking good sentimental resolutions for the future. From 1 to 30 May, the goddess of the heart reveals to your friends very tender confidences. Accept all invitations from your accomplices, you should not be disappointed. From 28 July to 6 August, put on your coat of light, it is a question of taking off towards the paradise of lovers. The meetings follow one another at a frantic pace. The passion submerges you, one touches the sensual high tension. From September 25th to October 2nd, declare your love to your partner, it is the ideal time to say aloud what you think in a low voice. From 15 to 21 November, your couple is in the limelight. The Goddess of Heart supports your marriage business. It’s up to you to make the efforts it takes to harmonize your relationship.

1st decan (March 21st / March 30th)
From June 11 to July 30 and from December 13 to December 31, Jupiter’s great benefit expands your field of vision. It is about your relational, a significant improvement in contacts and communication, enjoy it fully! Jupiter is devoted to your professional cause, so you would be wrong not to optimize this good planetary transit. Your contacts are in astral sight, enjoy. You communicate in all directions and it pays off faster than expected. It is a question of mature projects that have been dear to you for a long time. Throughout the year, Uranus, the planet of innovation, is interested in the natives of the beginning of decan. The unexpected will be at the rendezvous, surprises that could make you take a turn 180 °. Get ready. In addition, Pluto, the Transformation Planet invites you to question yourself professionally, think peacefully about the issue. Vitality: in case of temporary depression, do not hesitate to talk about it. Make a cure of trace elements and vitamins.

2nd decan (March 31st / April 9th)
Good heavenly pick, from July 31 to December 13, multiply contacts, prospect, public relations. Jupiter, the great beneficial, is stationed in your third solar house (contacts, entourage). Communication is in full swing. Do not miss any opportunity at this time. Accept all proposals and then you will notify. Move, move, fire from all woods, it’s time to set your standards for the future. Maximize this best time of year. Plant the seeds of tomorrow, it’s time to do it. Vitality: unwind in the practice of a sporting activity.

Compatibility: woman Aquarius – man Gemini; and woman Gemini and a man Aquarius

Gemini and Aquarius – great friends and lovers. They both have a desire for change. If they are in the end going to be open and honest, their union will last for many years.

Horoscope: woman Gemini, man Aquarius

Gemini can safely talk about their Aquarius dreams. This has prompted her to take an active partner job. Amarius man loves to communicate, travel, and business would not exchange for anything, as a bi-woman. Her global and creative solutions Rich interiors will allow women to realize their own Gemini ideas. They always find a lot of discussion topics. Each of them can take advantage of the will of another. It is unlikely that they will ever change to the ” Other. Children can strengthen this alliance. This sign will be easy to live together if each of them hangs on the family, and will actively participate in outward manifestations. Gemini woman should not rush her restraint, it is necessary to savo
Ir he is afraid of attachments. Daily routine life can kill the partners of the relationship.

Compatibility: woman Aquarius, man Gemini

Believe in Aquarius women frivolous and windy. She is capable of rash acts. He loves to speak. In woman, soul-Aquarius is sentimental and tearful, great dreamer. She may experience complexes of their appearance but Her weakness she tries to hide. Aquarius believes that the man Gemini funny. She sees him as a hero and was surprised to find that he is vulnerable. It can not hurt that for other people, Is not important. Compatible with Aquarius, the Gemini man is very promising. This tandem is rightly regarded as one of the most successful and long-term of the. For a man, a Gemini Aquarius woman – Is something new and interesting. The more time they spend together, the more a man loves a woman Gemini Aquarius. They are interested in each other. They are both friendly and like exciting things. They have to Many common interests. The Aquarius spirit woman dynamic. Aquarius woman sometimes becomes simply unpredictable for the Twins, but it is even more attracted to her.

Compatibility: Aquarius, male twins – in the spiritual realm

Gemini and Aquarius – sister souls. They can become one another’s pillow, in which each of the partners will be able to complain. They both appreciate emotional and spiritual kinship. Well-being material for them a second It can be argued that each of them will cherish your loved ones.

Compatibility: woman Aquarius, male twins – married

When Aquarius and Gemini eyes meet, they can not avoid romantic relationships. A man sees a Gemini woman Aquarius native person, he can talk to him about your fears, open soul. It is not ideal. Gemini Man and neispolnitelen option.Aquarius Woman can not forgive her betrayal, deceit and trickery. She will organize questioning will criticize him. He, in turn, also hates half-truths and insinuations, but together they will be able to easily learn the lessons Of life. If the partners have exhausted your love, then he is still able to stay good friends.

Compatibility Aquarius man and taurus woman

Cette rencontre est riche de potentialités mais n’ira pas de soi. Le Verseau et le Taureau sont très différents et dès les premiers regards, une force indicible les poussera l’un vers l’autre. Le Verseau séduira la native du Taureau par son originalité et sa légèreté. Elle sera subjuguée par cet homme curieux de tout et un brin anticonformiste. Elle rêvera de le suivre dans ses aventures et son goût pour l’improvisation stimulera amplement ses désirs. De son côté, le coeur du Verseau chavirera pour cette femme sensuelle et passionnée qu’il pressent pleine de tendresse.

En couple, ils pourront s’apporter beaucoup l’un et l’autre si ils parviennent à tirer parti de leurs différences.

La femme Taureau permettra au Verseau de trouver des repères et de se stabiliser, lui, l’individualiste qui a un besoin viscéral d’indépendance et de liberté. Elle lui apportera la sécurité et la douceur de vivre dont il rêve secrètement. En échange, elle attendra de lui une certaine loyauté, dans le meilleur des cas. En effet, la native du Taureau est connue pour sa jalousie excessive et sa possessivité. Le Verseau devra donc user de patience pour la rassurer tout en préservant son jardin secret. Sinon, elle pourrait bien souffrir de le voir ainsi vivre sa vie en parallèle de la sienne, sans jamais vraiment tenir compte de ses désirs à elle.

La femme Taureau qui est très attachée aux traditions et aux conventions, s’assouplira un peu au contact de son partenaire. Elle se permettra quelques petites folies, pour son plus grand bonheur car elle est au fond une grande épicurienne. Avec le verseau, elle se sentira totalement libre car il ne cherche pas à lui imposer quoi que ce soit dans sa vie. Ainsi, elle pourra être plus sereine et lui octroyer toute sa confiance, ce qui est exceptionnel chez elle, car elle a un profond besoin de maîtrise des choses.

Des tensions inévitables pourront toutefois advenir entre eux. Tout d’abord sur le plan pécunier. Le Verseau insouciant et un tantinet homme-enfant vit dans un monde parallèle où l’argent n’a que peu d’importance alors que sa partenaire native du Taureau est très attachée à l’aspect matériel des choses. Elle aura donc tout intérêt à tenir les cordons de la bourse du ménage tout en le laissant libre de dépenser son propre argent comme il l’entend.

Au fil des années, même si le Verseau a lutté contre les contraintes imposées par sa partenaire, il se pourrait bien qu’il trouve en elle la femme idéale qu’il a tant recherchée. Leur amour en ressortira alors grandi, chacun ayant cheminé secrètement vers l’autre.

I am Taurus and here are my worst defects

In astrology, each sign has its own qualities and own defects. Are you Taurus? Like the other signs, you are probably carrying these nasty traits of character … It is up to you to overtake them!

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All defects of other signs
Too jealous the Taurus!

The biggest fault of Taurus is its possessive and exclusive side. The Taurus can not stand, especially in his couple, that one can covet what belongs to him. His jealousy is legendary and the Taurus can quickly get carried away and rush without thinking if he feels he is threatened, and often wrongly.

Astro signs compatible with Taurus
Taurus is a go-getter

He is also a good alive who may tend to gain weight or not take care of his body as much as he loves good flesh and the pleasures of good food. He does not know how to stop and the temptations are too strong for him. Taurus is a dark sign, which never reflects before acting. This facet can often play tricks on him, and earn him many enemies. In a couple, he is not always faithful, nor honest, there again the temptations can be stronger than him.

It is also a sign that has great difficulty in hiding its dark side. His past often reappears and he has great difficulty in ignoring what can weigh it. Taurus has a complex personality and it can be very difficult to understand. He can get carried away in crazy anger not unexplained way. Over time, Taurus may have a tendency to stir and dissipate its anger, but it remains bubbling at the bottom of it and hardly controllable.

Main Aries qualities

Aries is not cold. He is enterprising and always ready to get excited about the last idea he finds exciting. He loves ambitious projects and challenges in all areas of his life.

Independent, he never cares about what others think and does not let himself be influenced. The Aries knows who he is and he intends to defend his point of view.

Passionate, he ignites and goes straight to the point, without thinking too much about the risks he takes and without waiting. This is certainly the most intrepid sign of the Zodiac. This is due to the fact that he is viscerally attracted by everything that is new. Aries is often described as the sign of beginnings.
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If he does not work, he does not get discouraged and even uses the disappointment that he has felt to embark on a new battle and continue to move forward with determination.

It shows exceptional resistance and impressive vital energy.

Always cheerful and bold, it is a born leader who likes to convince and direct rather than just follow others.

In short: balanced – intrepid – idealist – whole

Are you in love with an Aries?

Impulsive and very physical, he will easily fall into your nets because he likes to seduce and be seduced. If you hit him, you’ll know, for sure. He does not hide it.
What seducer is he?

Aries is the type to take the first steps, highlighting its strengths and virility as a primary male.

His stories with the weak sex are usually quite short because it is the passion he seeks above all.

If you manage to make him crazy in love with you, he will do everything to make your romance eternal. Passionate, romantic and idealistic, this man is even able to forget himself to offer you the happiness you dream of.

On the sex side, Aries is one of the most conquering. He lives his sensations fully and loves challenges.

How to seduce Aries man?

Avoid daring too openly. He prefers to take the lead and keep an active role in seduction.
Play the feminine without falling into too much refinement. He loves animal women, close to their instinctual life.
Use compliments. He needs to be recognized in his manhood, it is very important for his personal image.
Avoid making it wait too long.
Play transparency. He likes clear situations. Show yourself decided if you are interested.
Avoid submission.
Use creativity, redouble your attentions, surprise him.
Avoid being possessive and jealous.

Virgo – here your horoscope for today


Many positive influxes to improve your agreement with your spouse or partner. The atmosphere will be delicious if you make it benefit from some small friendliness. Show him your affection. Bachelor, this time, idealism will clearly prevail over realism. You will believe hard to love with a big A, and you will let yourself be overwhelmed by an immense wave of romanticism or passion.


This is what will delight you: the stars will go out of their way to promote your professional growth. This time, your horizon will emerge. Better: with Jupiter, the planet of success, well placed in your Heaven, you will now be able to consolidate your position or even obtain a more interesting status.


Mercury in harmonic aspect will give you wings at the heels. One will not fail to notice your way of arriving in a trombe and of running rather than of walking. It is not you who will wait but rather you who will wait for the others and train them. This spontaneous, warm behavior and a little milk soup will look very nice in the eyes of everyone!


The planet Mercury will give you the opportunity to take advantage of good opportunities in the financial field. However, do not be too credulous, seriously study the proposals that will be submitted to you. If you want to play a game of chance, do not forget to check your lucky number.

Family – Home

You will feel that, for you to flourish, you need a balanced home life. Thus, you will be ready to do anything to improve your family relationships. You will soon see the effectiveness of your efforts.

Monthly horoscope for Gemini – January


First fortnight: This period will see the atmosphere of your loves relax in a joyous recklessness. Small trips will encourage happy encounters. You will find with joy of old buddies, you will fall under the charm of your neighbor of landing, or you will loveachach of a new person at your place of work. For long-term couples, the sentimental climate will be idyllic. Wild elk will be preferred to the multiple details of everyday life and household accounts.

Second fortnight: Planetary turbulence will threaten your married life. But this one will be well sheltered if you knew how to put the distance between the outside world and your couple. As for the bachelors, they will be hesitant, fearing to go in the wrong direction. They will gain by postponing future plans and letting time clarify things, especially if their partner does not have the same conception of life as two.


First fortnight: You will have your head filled with projects of all kinds, more exciting than the others. But you will not stay at the stage of projects: you will struggle to achieve them. For the rest of the period, you will be part of the chosen ones of Heaven. You will be adorned and should carry out your most ambitious projects. You will have energy and determination, strength of character and perseverance.

Second fortnight: The Sun and Venus will allow you to combine softness and firmness to convey your ideas, and Mercure will facilitate you contacts. This astral protection will be precious to you, in front of the annoyances that Pluton reserves you. The innovative projects that you propose will not be to the taste of all, and one could put you spots in the wheels. Ignore the scandal and go ahead.


First fortnight: Thanks to the very positive astral influences of the period, luck should smile at you financially. The management and the sense of the economy will reveal your profound qualities. This may be the time when you decide to build the country house of your dreams.

Second fortnight: You should take advantage of this period to take care of your financial equilibrium. The Sun will indeed showcase one of your silver sectors. Better yet, Jupiter, the most beneficial star of the Zodiac, will favor your enrichment. So do not wait to ask for a pay raise! If you have made investments, the period could cause unexpected gains.


You will deceive yourself dangerously if you believe that nothing can be done against his destiny. Never will you flourish if you persist in believing that forces external to yourself, astral or otherwise, control you inevitably. If you want to win your happiness, you must avoid rejecting the responsibility for what happens to you, and you must persuade yourself that “men have the evils they have chosen themselves” (Pythagoras) . Limit excess drinks, especially alcoholic or sweetened beverages. Know that pure water is the best drink and the only essential. Follow the example of Confucius: “A bowl of rice with fresh water and elbow for pillow, here is a state that has its satisfaction”.

Today’s horoscope for Taurus


A climate of incomprehension is likely to settle in your couple. If you choose to let the situation rot, hoping that things will resolve themselves, beware of the catastrophe! Bachelor, you will have chances to make a decisive encounter. However, difficulties may arise very quickly, and you will have to defend this new love with the last energy. If you succeed in overcoming this challenge, a bright future is promised.


Mars, the planet of energy and combativity, will make it more difficult to interact with your employees or your superiors, and you will even endure the aggressiveness of many partners. This situation is not very serious; It will be rather useful because it will force you to distinguish yourself from others and thus to affirm your convictions whatever it costs to your image.


What you need to do right now for your health? You are wary of excesses of any kind. With on one side the Sun and Jupiter, and on the other Mars badly aspected, your health sectors will have a lot to do to encourage you to moderation. All these planets are indeed reputed to make very sensual, but also greedy, which can fatigue the heart and weaken the digestive system. It’s up to you to stay reasonable!


Thanks to the beautiful aspects of Neptune, you will have the opportunity to carry out a significant financial transaction concerning family assets. Everything will be to the satisfaction of all and to your advantage.

Family – Home

An excessive desire for family harmony may prompt you to give in easily and to grant everything you are asked for. This is definitely not advisable, especially with children.

Aries daily horoscope – Thursday, January 19, 2017

Aries of the 1st Decan (Aries born between 21 and 30 March)

You’ll have to be shrewd to make a deal. You have great ambitions, but they do not appeal to everyone. We will try to put you sticks in the wheels relative to one of your projects. If some people have an interest in not seeing you finalize an agreement, it may be because you will get a little too many benefits to their liking. Unfortunately, jealousy is still running the streets and it is not ready to disappear from our lives. So beware of people for whom greed is a way of life. You are entitled to your share of the cake, so do not play the game of those who believe themselves the masters of the world. Impose yourself and you will be respected. On the sentimental side, rivalry will be something not to be neglected. We have views on the person you love, so you’re going to have to be a little more competitive about your loving ambitions. Regardless of your situation, whether you are married, single or other, you are not immune. So be vigilant, but do not hesitate to show the other sex the importance it has in your life. Do not take anything lightly, because nothing is gained in advance.

Aries of the 2nd Decan (Aries born between 31 March and 9 April)

We will be prepared to give you or to advance you money. Your chances on the lottery side will also increase. Your projects will be considered reasonable and it will make sense or correct to grant you what you are requesting. However, do not spend more than usual. This money is for something very specific and you have to stick to that. Attention also to the requests of others. There is no doubt that some tend to abuse your generosity when they know you have an extra money intake. Be firm, for what you are giving now may be what you will miss later. On the heart side, the loved one will probably have a little something special for you. You are always ready to please him, but today it will be his turn to surprise you. Do not be surprised if you receive a very meaningful gift from him during the day.

Aries of the 3rd Decan (Aries born between 10 and 20 April)

You will be concerned about your physical appearance. You will act to project the best possible image of yourself and this may require you to pay particular attention to your attire or hairstyle. You will want to be appreciated at your true value and the first impression you will have of you will have to be the right one. You have an authenticity of your own, so you will probably try to highlight it through some small details that make your appearance reflect your personality. On the sentimental side, there is no doubt that you will try to convey your state of mind through your look. If you have specific needs on the love plan, you will demonstrate it in your way of dressing and presenting yourself to the other sex. You will probably be impressed by what others are releasing and you will probably want to please just as much. In short, if you are tempted by the desire to seduce, you will surely not go unnoticed.